Remembering the ANZACS, 100 Years On

Curator, Julia Garnaut, invites the community to "discover and experience the stories of soldiers and nurses from Burnie through the objects they carried and used each day navigating the battlefront, caring for wounded soldiers or whilst enduring the long wait on the home front". Wander the exhibition and smell the everyday scents like gun smoke and phosgene gas experienced by soldiers in the trenches, taste an ANZAC biscuit and hear songs from the Great War.

The exhibition also marks the end of the museums project which aimed to catalogue hundreds of items from its extensive and unique WWI collections that have been donated by the North West community through the decades. Burnie City Council Mayor Boyd said "this is a special opportunity to view an important part of our history and recognise the sacrifices made and courage called upon by individuals and families from our community during what became a very long war."

All are welcome to attend the official launch by Ian Chalk, nephew of Burnie WWI Prisoner of War, Ernest Chalk.

Exhibition Opening

Friday 28 September, 5pm

Burnie Regional Museum

Little Alexander Street, Burnie

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