Museum branches out with website

Deputy Mayor Sandra French said, “The website launched this month is as a great way to engage with the younger population and will provide a much bigger reach of an audience. The website also provides online educational resources.”

The website can be viewed on computers, mobile phones and tablets, making it accessible to everyone.

Museum curator Georgia Luck said, "It is really important to have an online presence in this day and age and it will make it easier for us to engage with a much larger audience. We can easily now promote our services and what events we have happening."

The website also provides a range of historical information that teachers can use to assist them.

"I hope this will allow more teachers to realise that we are an excellent educational experience for children, as we have so much of our local history right here," Miss Luck said.

"The resources will also prepare them for their visit to the museum and allow them to continue learning afterwards."

The next phase of the website development will be adding digitised images from the Museum’s collection.

“Digitising the 400,000 historical images in our collection is a long-term project, but one that we believe is incredibly worthwhile. Once the images are online they will be available to people all over the world for viewing and purchase,” Miss Luck said.

Currently the Museum has a semi-permanent exhibition titled Early Burnie. This exhibition explores Burnie's beginnings as a privately owned enterprise and its progress throughout the 19th century.

The exhibition has no finish date, however one of Henry Hellyer's diaries will only remain on display until 31 December 2013.

"This diary directly relates to Burnie's history as he kept it when clearing the road from Emu Bay up towards Hampshire Hills," Miss Luck said.