Burnie Regional Museum's surprise Saturday opening

Burnie Regional Museum’s WWI Street Party has also been extended and will now run throughout the day.

The World War I Street Party will resemble those held in Britain in years past, with homemade lemonade, scones with jam, sponge cake and games of hopscotch and knuckle bones.

Burnie Mayor Anita Dow said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for people to not only celebrate the end of a fantastic and engaging exhibition, but to also experience a taste of what it would have been like when people rejoiced at the end of the war. A fitting end to a great exhibition.”

People have until 4.30pm this Saturday to attend the extremely popular 100 Years: 100 Objects exhibition where visitors are immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of WWI. In the final days of the exhibition, the museum will also display WWI scrapbooks of poems and reflections put together by grade nine students from Burnie High School.