The Unidentified Project

Why stop now?! Even though our exhibition Unidentified is over and done with, there are still some names missing from the faces. We will be posting these portraits one at a time on our Facebook Page and continuing the quest to identify their subjects. We will also be giving you all the information and stories we have gathered so far.
So spread the word - “Do you recognise anyone?”

Burnie Regional Museum - Make Your Own; Compasses, ID Tags and Periscopes - Banner.jpg

Make Your Own Compasses, ID Tags, and Periscopes

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Discover and construct items that were an everyday part of a soldier’s life during WWI: a compass to help guide the way; an ID tag with your name and number; and a trench periscope used by the ANZACs in the trenches

Burnie Regional Museum - Make Your Own; Calligraphy and Comfort Parcels - Banner.jpg

Make Your Own Calligraphy and Comfort Parcels

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Make your very own ‘Comfort Parcel’ and discover the significance of the items sent to soldiers by their loved ones: ANZAC biscuits, postcards, and even woolly socks! Create an ‘old’ letter by aging paper, and write beautiful calligraphy with a nib pen and ink