The Unidentified Project

Why stop now?! Even though our exhibition Unidentified is over and done with, there are still some names missing from the faces. We will be posting these portraits one at a time on our Facebook Page and continuing the quest to identify their subjects. We will also be giving you all the information and stories we have gathered so far.
So spread the word - “Do you recognise anyone?”

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On This Day...

Friday, 18 August 2017 to Friday, 17 August 2018

Join us on Facebook for smashing front pages and links to the fantastic resource that is TROVE. We will be posting every available issue, of every Advocate newspaper, every day, for a whole year! Starting Friday 18 August.

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Robert Onfray - A red letter day for the Van Diemen’s Land Company: the construction of the world’s longest wooden tramway

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Despite mainland Australia benefitting greatly from the gold rushes, Tasmania’s situation up to the 1870s was the opposite, entering its third decade of recession, and the Van Diemen’s Land Company was nearly broke. The discovery of tin at Mount Bischoff changed fortunes for the island colony and the company who wholly funded and built a wooden tramway over 45 miles in length.
This presentation covers the strident opposition from vested interests elsewhere on the north west coast; the reasons for the significant cost over-runs; and the problems faced as soon as it was completed. This year marks the 140th anniversary since completion – it is quite possibly the longest wooden tramway ever built in the world.